COVID-19 update

Reopening policies for in-person lessons:

  • Face covering is mandatory inside.
  • Students must wait outside for their lesson time.
  • Hand sanitizer available by the door: everyone wash our hands before and after each lesson.
  • Instruments, materials and surfaces will be disinfected between each student.
Stay healthy and in good spirits!

About  Mr. Fernandez

Encouraging students of all ages to make music  an essential part of their lives
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Biographical Highlights

Mr. Fernandez holds a Master's degree in Piano Pedagogy (piano teaching) from San Diego State University. He is a skilled performer, composer and teacher. His training includes prestigious European conservatories and first‑class American universities, from which he has synthesized a wide variety of musical and pedagogical influences. This training allows Mr. Fernandez to reach students on many different levels, and to provide a multi‑faceted approach to their music education.

“I love teaching piano! With over twenty‑five years of teaching experience, I am thrilled as ever to share my passion for music and piano playing with everyone.”


Teaching philosophy

Educating well-rounded musicians is at the core of Mr. Fernandez's teaching philosophy. His piano lessons incorporate every style of music, theory, history, physics of sound, and other subjects to provide an engaging learning environment where students can draw connections and build new understandings. The music that students learn to play is a vehicle to discover concepts and techniques that can be applied to other songs. The goal is to empower students with the skills to one day become independent musicians.


About the lessons

Learning at Fernandez Piano Studio is more than simple repetition. It's a meaningful interaction with the teacher to develop multiple skills

In your lessons you will:

  • Discover patterns. Use the building blocks of music to improve your technique, reading skills, and memory
  • Learn how to practice. Make the most of your efforts and develop the patience and focus it takes to master something new
  • Apply concepts creatively. Music is a personal experience. Reinforce the tools you discover and express yourself by making them your own!

Scheduling and Tuition

Fernandez Piano Studio offers monthly tuition all year round. Lessons are typically held once a week (although other arrangements may also be discussed)

The length of the lessons will depend on the student's age and level.

  • Partner lessons and private lessons for adults are one‑hour long
  • Many beginner‑to‑intermediate students do well with 45‑minute lessons
  • Half‑hour private lessons are also offered for young students up to 2nd grade

Features of Fernandez Piano Studio